How to Copy Lyric Verses from Resso

How to Copy Lyric Verses from Resso? Enjoy the Vibes

Here are some steps to copy lyric verses from Resso:

How to Copy Lyric Verses from Resso?

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  1. Open Resso App: Launch the Resso app on your mobile device and log in.
  2. Find and Play Song: Search for and play the song with your desired lyrics.
  3. Pause the song. Pause the song at the desired lyric verse.
  4. Highlight and Copy: Tap and hold to highlight the lyric text, then select “Copy.”
  5. Paste Elsewhere: Open the destination app and tap and hold to select “Paste” where you want to insert the lyric.
  6. Edit and Use: Edit or format the pasted text as needed and use it for personal purposes.

Enjoy using the copied lyric verses responsibly!

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